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Biblos UK

Secondhand Books
Christian and Secular


Paul Squires - The founder of Biblos UK

Biblos UK was formed in May 2014 and aims to sell second-hand Christian books and books on other topics to the satisfaction of all buyers.

I have always had an interest in books and since teenage years have been building and benefiting from a personal collection.  In early 2013 I started selling books as a private seller and, after redundancy the following year, started this small online business.  Books are acquired from people who have books that are no longer wanted and from other sources.

Searching for books with rich content that I believe will be of use and interest to others is, for me, an enjoyable experience and my aim is to consistently provide a high-quality service.

Please visit my Amazon Store or eBay Shop (the links are on the Homepage) to browse the full range that is currently for sale.  The eBay Shop has Christian books only, whereas Christian and Secular are in the Amazon Store.  Books are always being added, so if you cannot find what you are searching for, please keep checking or feel free to make contact.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. 


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